OnlineBookClub – genuine or scam?

Can you really get paid for writing reviews?

I think that depends on your perspective. If you are looking for a quick way to make money, forget it. Equally, if you are looking to make a fortune, I would say you are out of luck here as well. If you are used to writing reviews for free, then you may be able to make a little extra, eventually.

I joined the book club in April 2018 and to date, I have not qualified for any paid reviews. On the website, they say you only need to read one book and providing you adhere to the guidelines you are ready to start receiving paid reviews. This is not strictly true, you need 35 points before you qualify for any paid reviews. I’ve read 12 books and I still only have 10 points. Why? I’m not very good with rules!

Rule 1: You must stick to the guidelines, or you’re toast. My first review got 13 points, my second left me with -16 points, because they can not only give, they can take away. You must summarise the plot, but this can’t be more than half the review, so use your word count and for a 400-word review, the summary must not be more than 200 words. Don’t include spoilers. Make sure you mention who would like the book – men/women, young adults, lovers of romance, crime fiction, fantasy etc. Watch your spacing, bold type and italics, remember all book titles should be in italics. The formatting guidelines are worth 30 marks out of 100 and are all or nothing, so it is very important you adhere to them.

Rule 2: Grammar and spelling. You are only allowed 4 mistakes then you get no credit at all. If you are like me you hardly ever get any credit for this, so you need to try and make up for it with a good review. The free version of Grammarly helps weed out some mistakes.

Rule 3: Only choose books from the select button on the review score page. If it is not listed there you won’t get any credit for reading it.

Rule 4: Book of the month. You get extra points if you join in the discussion around the book of the month by posting to the forums. I have been able to get the book of the month under the select button, but I’m not sure how I did it. I think it was by claiming the free copy and then going to the review score page. Be aware I once called one book of the month 50 shades of tripe. I was a little miffed as I had bought it at full price and it wasn’t as good as the indie book I had just finished.

Rule 5: Twitter/Facebook. If you are willing to post on social media, then you get a little more credit to add to your score. I only usually post my reviews on Twitter. They have daily books which you can tweet about, but I don’t like talking about things I haven’t read, so I don’t get any credit.

What you get out of it depends on what you are willing to do. Most of the books are free and if you see something that isn’t, it probably will be included in the daily deals at some point in the near future, so keep looking.

They have an author service, but I could not find the price when writing this. I think it used to be about $79 for 10 reviews, but you need to register before you are told the price now. I note that in the author questions it states that the cost of reviews are minimal compared to other things a publishing company pays for and if you can’t afford it perhaps you shouldn’t be publishing a book. You can draw your own conclusions from that.

Will I continue to strive to meet their targets? I don’t know, it is an awful lot of work and you can’t post the same review on Amazon. You’re constantly on a treadmill trying to get through as many books as possible and so you don’t have the time to offer reviews to any other indie authors. For me, it will never be a replacement income and I think my enthusiasm for it will wane over time.

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  1. Just curious: if you had purchased the review service for a novel of your own, would you be satisfied with the kinds of reviews you’ve seen from this service?

    I actually prefer reviews that are very skimpy with the plot summaries – and write about the emotional experience, the quality of the writing, whether they will read the next book from this author. Anyone can provide a plot summary, but how can that be different from reviewer to reviewer?

    I don’t review books very often because it takes energy I don’t have, so I am always grateful when readers review my debut novel, and tell me they’re waiting for the next one (I’m working on it!). Plus, if you review someone else’s book, they should not review any of yours, to avoid the appearance of a quid pro quo. As Amazon and Goodreads are connected, Amazon could use the information to delete their review – after all that work.

    1. Thank you for your honesty I am looking for more marketing and this may not be worth my time

    2. I had a very similar experience. Their resolution was to try to sell me other services.

  2. Online book club is indeed a scam. Once I qualified to write paid reviews they never paid me. I waited for months and never received a dime.

    The editors were instrumental in improving my writing, but I wasn’t so rusty to begin with. I scored 80% on my first review and kept on getting better. The day I submitted a sponsored review my scores started plummeting until I eventually scored 12% on a sponsored review.

    I went on the discussion forum and discovered that they make up rules as they go just to keep new reviewers from rising to the upper echelons. It makes sense because they make more money when you don’t. No author receives a free review even if you write it for free.

    I raised my concerns and got quite a few rude responses from editors. One of them said that it couldn’t be a scam because in her two year stint working for online bookclub she had earned $800! You already know how much work it takes just to be allowed to make $5 on their platform. It must have been the reason she thought making so little in two years was okay.

    Online book club operates like an evil corporation that’s out to destroy your self worth. Everyday you’re willing to do more for less.

    What’s even more disheartening is the poor quality of reviews written by level 6 reviewers. I clicked on my editors’ reviews and was horrified by what I found. It appeared like they hadn’t even read the books.

    1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience, I guess we live and learn.

      1. These people are now desperate. I guess they’re being found out. Over a year ago I signed up as a reviewer. The supervisor pointed at an error that wasn’t there. I complained and was told that the supervisor’s decision was final.
        I quit, disgusted with the scam.
        A couple of days ago the company was advertised with AARP. I clicked on it and it wanted me as a writer (that I am). Now they’re writing me daily emails asking to send my novels. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY THEIR PROMISES ARE FAKE NEWS!

        1. So glad I found this thread! One of my author friends had joined the Online Book Club, and seemed to get a lot of reviews for his book. I checked into it, but it seemed too expensive. Then (miraculously!) I received an offer to post my book for half-price ($148) and it would qualify for reviews. Well, if you’re a writer, you know how hard it is to get reviews for your book, so I joined. I now have ONE review for my novel “The Way to Remember.”

          But yesterday, I received another email from Online Book Club, stating that, because of my “amazing” review, I now qualified to make my novel a “Book of the Day.” It would only cost $598! And if I want to purchase a review “package” (what is that?). The packages run from 25 reviews ($375) to 1,000 reviews ($6,000). I’m not looking to pay for reviews, believe me. I think I learned a $148 lesson.

          1. I had the same experience Martha and just got the emails about “Book of the Day” this week. I spent nearly $300 earlier to get a top reviewer, she gave me a 4 out-of-4 star review, and it resulted on 0 additional sales. When I questioned them about this, they just forwarded more sale packages to up-charge me for.

      2. Better than live and learn, how about make things right? Would be nice to know a deserving reviewer like Maureen is being taken care of financialy, just as she is taking care of your business with her competent reviews.
        Just saying.

    2. I totally agree. I’m a member of a writing group here in Spain and every one of our members were either let down by OBC or got fed up of being plagued to invest money. It’s a scam like so many so called “Let us help you sell your book” schemes. I’ve sold some books on Amazon Kindle and Google play and all I can say is get a friend or students to read your book back to you before self publishing. Like me, you’ll be shocked by how many typos and grammar errors we inadvertently make. Good luck and stay safe.

  3. Tracey, Thanks so much for this article as I paid to have my book reviewed and was very disappointed with the review. Now that I see what a reviewer has to go through and how strict the guidelines are I understand better. I paid $300 for the quick turnaround and hopefully to use it for sales before Christmas. In the end the reviewer said they’d give me a 2.5 rating if they could so I got a 2 rating.

    I had over a year ago, five Reviewers from Readers Favorites give me 5 Star reviews for this same book and I have a 4.5 Star rating on Amazon (maybe that doesn’t count). Anyway, I thought the person was prejudice to my character who is a very flamboyant guy. Their comments, said he was gay, when I never said he was. I realized it wasn’t worth the money in the end and I did not have them post the review. The company tried to get me to take a 2nd review but at the prices I don’t think its worth the gamble. It seems their guidelines are detrimental to bringing good, enjoyable, and entertaining books to the Book Club people in the world.
    If you come across better avenues to use for authors to get reviews at a better price I’m all ears. And I can highly recommend Readers’ Favorites to everyone. Take Care,
    Cheers, Rose

    1. Thanks for this, Rose. I joined about 4-6 weeks ago, because they offered services at 50% off. I paid $147 and still haven’t received any reviews, but I did notice that they have advertising packages for as much as $15,000 (yes!) or I could get 1,000 reviews for $9,000. I kid you not.
      I’ll chalk it up to an expensive lesson learned.

    2. Are you seriously complaining that you got honest reviews? If you want to buy positive reviews, yeah, OBC isn’t the place. That’s actually a good thing. Lol

  4. is definitely a scam. I worked for them for 3 years and never got past level two. The editors approving the reviews are not sincere. I once got a high paying book to review, but then after submitting it they kept it pending for a long time without paying me. I sent emails about the matter, their reply was rude and unacceptable. They later rejected the review (which they had already accepted and given a score) just to avoid paying me.

  5. I can confirm they are terrible! I paid nearly $300 for an unprofessional review that was more or less a personal attack against me. They accused me of saying in my bio that I’m an LGBT advocate to push an agenda. If they’d bothered to find anything out about me at all they would have known I’m queer and trans. They also accused me of trying to imitate the author whose work inspired my own. I never said I wanted to upsurp that author. I just saw a story within a story and went with it.

  6. I was excited to do this and I reviewed 4-5 books. Then I reviewed on that they wouldn’t allow an automatic extension on and you had to contact them. I contacted them in every way I could find and they kept sending me e-mails that a non-reply asking for an update. I think they website is awful and needs an update. They deleted my account because they don’t check their contact forms if they even work. I’m very disappointed in the whole process. I was really enjoying the process but was feeling like this might not be legit. Now I know. At the very least very badly managed. Don’t waste your time.

  7. Hi I am writing a review because I have had some difficulty in the time frame of which my campaign ad has been promoted. I can imagine that the obc has had some hardship due to COVID. Although there was an ad placed today, that ad did not mention the information that I asked for initially. Please help and in return I can update my rating. Thanks

  8. This company does not read your manuscript. They skim it and then tell you they liked it to get you to agree they read it. Then they trash your book. If you post a negative review of their company they harass you until you delete it. Scott at OnlineBookClub is, IMO, a very unstable neurotic. He told me just now he would post a negative review of my book I’d I did not remove my negative review of their company. Is this a threat to get me to pull a negative review. I think so!

  9. What a waste of money. I had the book reviewed twice- and received the same rating (a 2). The first time was before the book went to the editor and the second time was after significant changes. They used two different people and I was arguing that this is a subjective review and want to see their rating criteria. I complained and all they did was try to sell me more stuff. Don’t waste your money for a review from this company.

  10. Well I tried to be a reviewer for this company,, however they posted a fake book. It Strikes Again. By Tristen O Treal. Hilariously, I had no idea that they would conduct fraud, I just found the cover of the fake book appealing. So I put the book onto my bookshelf, and after I gave them personal information, they decided to block me. The message I received stated:

    You have been blocked from using Bookshelves because you added a fake book to your shelves.

    I find this hilarious because I do not make the fake book available to select, they do. I find them to be, arguably, borderline retarded.

    1. Hello. I am sorry about your experience. I am a reviewer there, myself, but I do think there was a misunderstanding of why Scott added that book. Authors have been complaining about reviewers who skim or do not read the books. Scott has been trying to eliminate those kinds of reviewers from the website by adding fake books and stating clearly in the description that anyone who will choose to review/add them will be banned. He does this because anyone who does not read the description clearly (a must as a reviewer to review a book) will add it because it pays a lot. Scott will, then, know this person is choosing the highest-paying books without bothering to read descriptions or research it first. I, for one, support his methods.

      1. This paragraph is so ridiculous. Who is Scott? He sounds so intriguing and he is adding fake books to an obscure book review website to trick his writers? It’s also called ‘It Strikes Again’ in some complete bonkers reference to its own lethal capabilities! It ‘Strikes’ and takes out another dodgy book reviewer. My God. And this micro-world has a really strict set of rules that all must obey but these rules are fickle and indiscriminate and fiercely argued. Wow. What a world. I didn’t know that this place existed. It’s like finding the mould on your pickles has evolved into a civilisation while you were at work. I mean, I am sure that Scott is lovely but it seems like there is about ten reviews of the company here that suggest he is not paying people. One might be a disgruntled writer without skills but ten? Anyway, I’ll put it on the list of obscure internet kingdoms not to do business with. All praise Scott! Lord of the review, Deceiver of the unwary. Scourge of the ungrammatical.

    2. Actually, I am a book review for Onlinebookclub and I understand what you are talking about. If you actually read the description of the book, you would know that it is a fake book. They do this periodically to weed up people who do not read the descriptions of reviewable books. One of the biggest rules is to read the description before agreeing to review a book. I’m sorry that you fell victim to this, but I do not blame them for your carelessness.

  11. I used them recently for a review that cost me $197. They get my book 3/4 stars which was fine by me, but the review itself was horribly written. It honestly seemed like it was written by someone who didn’t speak English well and therefore was not a usable review for me. The person also downloaded the copy I sent and reviewed it within less than 24 hours, got details wrong in the blurb they had to write for me to show they had in fact read it. I got better reviews from Booksprout totally for free. I complained to this company and did get a second review done for free. It was moderately better, but was definitely not worth the money it cost. Lesson learned, these are NOT the professional reviewers that you’d expect when you pay money for a review AND it’s just basically all about what additional stuff you can pay for. Google Nick Stephenson and check out his webinars for better resources to get marketing and reviews and sales. Would highly discourage anyone from using this service – as a writer or a reader.

  12. I am a reviewer for this company. It is definitely NOT EASY. They give no leeway for mistakes. On one of my reviews, I got 44% because there was an error with my italics. I got knocked down and my reviewer score plummeted. I respect their methods of levels, but if you’re new to reviewing it is definitely hard to build if you did not start off well. I had some good reviews to catch my fall, but I knew I would have quit if I did not have a good score already. I’ve made around $50 for 4 books. It is not super lucrative, but it made money for me. I, however, have no experience on the author’s side. I’m sorry to hear about all these bad experiences in the comments :/

  13. Hi everyone

    I have recently reviewed a book for and have since deleted my account with them and sent them a very firm but polite email explaining exactly what I think of them. I spent significant time and effort reviewing the book I chose only to have my writing unfairly criticized. The editor picked on things like comma placement which is subjective and in this case did not affect the meaning of the text and the fact that I did not use initial capitals for the book’s sub-title. (honestly, who except a neurotic sociopath is going to let that bother them) After reading other posts on this forum from reviewers and authors alike I am glad I got out when I did. (after reviewing just one book) The editor gave me a low score and stated that I had not adhered to the guidelines. I had, in fact, read and carefully followed all of them. They are so incredibly
    picky it is amazing that they get any reviewers at all. Judging from the above posts it appears they prefer to employ non-English speakers who write in ‘childish English’ possibly because they cannot complain properly and can be ignored and/or confused by Scot, the so called leader. He does not appear to be managing his affairs very well and is possibly operating on the fringes of legality (judging from the posts)
    My advise is avoid this sham company and use your talents to benefit people appreciate them.

  14. Onlinebookclub is the perfect example of the kind of organization you DO NOT want to work with in any way. My experience as a reviewer was a nice one at first, despite having no contract, there being delayed payments, and an overall pay rate that’s not even close to minimum wage. I saw a lot of reviews online that claimed the website had not paid them/banned them for an illegitimate reason/ stolen their work. Of course, I had not experience any of that and needed the money, so I ignore them. But I hope current or potential reviewers listen to this:

    My sister and I were banned from the website for basically using the same laptop. The reason for our ban was having the same I.P address or having ‘duplicate accounts’. One would guess this is an easily explainable mistake, but not with OnlineBookClub. Only my sister was banned at first and, after speaking with the moderator of the site who basically threatened to ban me if I don’t stop contacting her, I was banned too. At that point, I had 5 published reviews that I wasn’t paid for yet and 4 pending ones. Although Scott, the owner of the site, claims that all pending reviews of a banned member are rejected because the website wouldn’t pay a banned member, ALL 4 of my pending reviews were published after my ban and I wasn’t paid for any of the 9 reviews. After two months of back and forth emails with Scott and me discovering that the appeal process for a ban at onlinebookclub is nonexistent, Scott finally offered to take down my unpaid reviews after I threatened to tell their publishers and authors. That was two weeks ago and, yet, my STOLEN work is still up on the website and gaining profit for it.

    Reviewers, keep in mind:
    1. The website can ban you at any time for an illegtimate reason and Scott could ignore your attempts to appeal that ban even if it was unjustified.
    2. The website can post your work and simply not pay you for it, ignoring your emails about the issue.
    Of course, I don’t have experience utilizing the website as an author, but, for authors, here is what I know:

    1. Reviewers aren’t trained or asked for CVs. The only condition to joining the website as a reviewer is to write an ‘average’ review of a randomly selected book, no matter the reviewer’s age, professional or education background, integrity, or any other information relevant to the job.
    2. The supposed ‘marketing strategy’ of Onlinebookclub is a huge scam. It may seem like the website is a success at promotion, but most if not all the comments on posts about the books shared on social media are made by the reviewers, themselves, not by potential buyers or readers. Why would there be hundreds of reviewers commenting on promotional material? Because the website allows reviewers to work higher-paying jobs and gives them amazon gift cards if they comment on social media posts about authors’ books.
    3. Onlinebookclub spams authors constantly, offering services that cost way more than they are worth. You are only guaranteed that reviewers actually read your book if you pay for a more expensive package, at which point, the reviewer sends you a blurb that guarantees they read the book. Otherwise, you can never be sure if a reviewer read, skipped, or didn’t even open your book.

    I urge all reviewers and authors who have been wronged by Onlinebookclub to speak up and post about it to prevent this website from taking advantage of more individuals. Thank you!

    1. I am currently going through similar issues with OBC.
      I joined OBC on the 27th of October, 2020. I scored 100% in 3 out of the 4 reviews I wrote. I diligently built my points by commenting in the forums and on the various social media platforms. My reviewer and editorial scores were in the 90s. Just when I was a step away from from entering Level 6 (the highest level), I realised I had been banned.

      Their reason is that, I opened a duplicate account. After I joined the club, I had recommended it to my sister (who lives in a different country). She had an issue with signing up, so I helped her from my end (that was all). I was notified that my 4th review had been published right before I was banned; the $25 I was supposed to receive from that review was never given to me. The interesting things is that my sister’s account is still active (she only has 3 points because she’s been too busy to put in the work necessary to build her reviewer score). They claim the accounts are duplicates and decided to ban the one with very high scores and leave the one with almost no score. Why not ban both? The mere fact that they left one of the alleged duplicate accounts active is an acknowledgment that they are not duplicates.

      All my attempts at appealing the said ban have been fruitless. They keep referring me to a link that takes me to a private Facebook group; I am told to request to join in order to appeal, but they won’t accept my request to join the said group.

      After reading your story, I now understand the futility of pursuing an appeal. Thank you for sharing your story; now I know not to waste my precious time. If anyone knows of a legit book reviewing platform, where reviewers and authors are not taken advantage of, I’m all ears.

    2. Agreed! I just tried to write my first review for them and was banned for plagiarism (when I hadn’t read any other reviews) because my review praised the characters and the “intertwining” plots. That one word was similar to another review who also praised the characters and the plot (both were really good). I had NO other errors and after reading this, think I’m lucky to be out when I did. Was looking forward to the free books but I’ll use the library instead. I sent a request for recheck but think I will delete my account anyway after reading this. Too bad, it’s a good idea that seems to have gone corrupt.

  15. I enrolled for highest review package, they didn’t give me feedback or any single review. I am running for my refund around a month, the owner scott and mmonica they are scam, jut they getting your money, do not believe those dude, still l am in pain, they are rejecting refund my money. So disrespectful, and dishonest people. Really l do not know how to get back my money. They are serious cheaters!!!!

  16. Absolutely terrible authors. Don’t do it. It’s really a Ponzi scheme passing itself off as a book club. What at waste of money. My review was terrible, or the reader just didn’t get it, it’s irony, humor, literary, not schlock crap, and all he did was post it on their website. He was “not able” to post it on Amazon or any other sites. I paid over $100 for this. It’s absolutely terrible. I cannot speak if you are a reader but based on what I read above, NO. Also, no response on my request for a refund. They’re too busy laughing and having a nice time on that beach in Aruba. Don’t be a sucker.

  17. I’ve always received great star ratings from onlinebookclub but have found the organization has become a little seedy, a little too slick. It seems to prey upon naive writers eager to receive ‘professional’ feedback. And the review period takes too long unless one is willing to pay indulgences, while the quality of the review is questionable. My last review I could tell the reviewer never really read the book; the reviewer’s writing was amateurish and somewhat illiterate. So, with that in mind, I’d rather go elsewhere. Some reviewers are great, others really need to go back to school. And with onlinebookclub, you never know which type of reviewer you’re going to get.

  18. I submitted a book to be reviewed by multiple reviewers. The first review I was offered contained several grammatical errors. It also gave away the plot (except that the reviewer hadn’t really understood the plot). When I complained, the review was scrapped completely.
    The next reviewer claimed to have found ten grammatical errors in my book (two good professional editors had edited my book before it was published). I rejected all of these errors except for one relating to a misplaced comma. However, someone at onlinebookclub rejected my rejection, saying that the errors were indeed valid and commenting, “I can tell from the notes provided that the errors listed are objective undebatable errors.”. Whoever said this had as little understanding of grammar as the reviewer and had probably not even read or understood my reasons for rejecting the “errors”. If they had they would have noticed that some of the supposed errors were in dialogue and I had explained why the characters concerned would speak like this. In fact, the characters concerned were not even speaking in an ungrammatical way but were using collective nouns and ellipsis.
    The final straw was that one of the reviews was put on hold indefinitely because the reviewer’s opinion of whether or not the book contained profanity or sexual content differed from mine. This was an optional opinion, and I had decided to err on the side of caution – saying the book contained profanity and sexual content (even though neither was a huge feature of the story).

  19. There is something absolutely wrong with this site. Many complains have been filed by authors who submit their books for review on BBB site. They charge them a lot of money. I joined as a writer they sent something I couldn’t download they keep harassing me to download it. I could not resign. This is definitely a scam that benefits no one.

  20. Scott is the most despicable scumbags it has ever been my misfortune to encounter and I would encourage everyone here to copy their messages and put them on Trustpilot. On Trustpilot, Scott likes to claim genuine experiences are fake. He deals in spam email and no reputable author writer or publisher should deal with this evil company which is registered in PANAMA where I’m sure all the authors money is avoiding tax wonderfully

  21. SCAM !!! Buyers beware I’ve asked fir a refund fir an entire month. I have already notified my credit card company. They keep lying , I even have several emails that said they refunded my money-All lies. I wish I had seen this before hand. Save yourself a lot of time I’m a new writer “Snippets of Life” and was trying to get my book out there during this pandemic chose the wrong company. Scam Artist don’t do it.

  22. ALTHOUGH I was able to use some glowing praise from my novel’s 3-star review, I must agree with several authors quoted here who rightly point out the shortcomings of their specific reviewer; mine displayed the writing skills of a capable but not outstanding highschool English student. In fact, their clunky grammatical construction was typical of someone who has only recently learned English as a second language.
    On a comprehensive level, they misconstrued elemental literary devices AND misreported one well-established character profile.
    It was clear to me that either they lacked the intellectual depth required to capture the nuance and essence of multiple themes, or they simply skimmed through the book and did their best.

    Either way, it’s not the place for serious literary reviews.

  23. I was a reviewer for a short while, horrible, horrible experience.
    Join this site if you like being told to proofread your work after you have proof read it more than 5 times with a several hour break between proofreads, and used spelling and grammar checking software.
    Join this site if you don’t mind having some unknown editor tell you your review isn’t good enough for subjective reasons when you put forth the same effort that got you top marks in writing in University classes.
    Join this site if you don’t mind not being able to improve your score no matter how hard you work.
    Join this site if you think your time is worth less than that of the teens working fast food, even though you graduated from University with highest honors.
    Join this site if you are OK with eventually associating your ereader or computer with frustration.
    If you want to continue to enjoy reading and avoid regretting the amount of time you have wasted, run away now. This has been not just a frustrating experience for me, but due to the amount of stress I have endured from one thing after another all last year, this frustration was genuinely unhealthy for my body. I will be blocking this site on all my devices so that I do not have the opportunity to stumble back and end up triggering a negative adrenaline feedback look yet again. It’s like a bad relationship, sucks you back in with the promise of money, only to smack you yet again and cost you hours of anger damage to your self esteem.

    1. Wow! I deactivated my account earlier this year because I realized that the site wasn’t worth my while as a writer. This site makes you work like it’s a day job for peanuts and your peace of mind. Asides from being a doctor, I write for renowned sites. I thought since I loved to read books, why don’t I get paid for it? Online book club stressed me the hell out, making me do so much for nothing.

      You realize that all your time goes into commenting on the book of the day from site to Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn. There are so many rules to follow, the worst of them being editors who know absolutely nothing about grammar messing up your work, yet, you’re not even allowed to read books that appeal to you. Whenever you review a high-paying book, there’s always an issue that comes up. I was lucky to get all my monies, which was little anyway. But the minute I hit level four, I deactivated. I’d rather write on a platform where I read the books I love, get professional correction if any, and have peace of mind. I’d recommend Readers’ Favorite any day. Although this place pays lesser, I’ve read more books and made over five times in about seven months, than what I made at Online Book Club in over a year. Plus, authors are the ones who rate reviewers on Readers’ Favorite, so you know the ratings are honest.

  24. I joined as a reviewer on the 25th of January 2021 and I have been busy reading books and submitting reviews. I know there were not perfect but Scott just removed my account. His reason was I was not answering a question of what I liked the least about the book. Actually all my reviews I answered that question, just because I loved everything about the book and mentioned it doesn’t mean I didn’t answer the question. He wants an honest review and I gave him one.

  25. Tracey, thank you so much for your review of OnlineBookClub! I thank all who wrote their replies as well. I am a new author finding my way and reviews like these help me to avoid costly mistakes. Wishing you all a beautiful, happy reading and writing day!
    C.W. Isaac~ My Calling, My Quest- Truth

  26. The hard and fast rule is Never Pay for a Review. The second rule is, there is a sucker born every minute. Scams like OBC pay because of rule number 2.

  27. Well after all these negative feedback I had read as a result they are all compelling and speaking the truth which I have no time spending my energy for this club. I signed up but not going for this. It is good I sense there are catch 22 on the advertisement which is normal every business small or large there is always some hidden agenda sooner or later to know. But the behavior the way they handle business inside for me all the testimonials in form of evidences admissible on my watch. This book club going nowhere.

  28. This comment is the perspective of an author. Perhaps I’m lucky. Several years ago as a new author, I wanted an opinion other than friends and family. I happened to find the Onlinebookclub (OBC) and decided to give them a try, despite (as I thought) was a fairly high cost. The reviewer loved my book. Her preference for adolescent adventure and magical realism matched my genre perfectly. She was thorough and it was quite clear she read the entire book. Incidentally, OBC asks the reviewers to forward a separate blurb to the author confirming that the reviewer read the entire book. I have since used OBC’s service and the same reviewer for two additional books in the series. She loved these books as well.
    I also had my first two books reviewed by Kirkus (twice the cost of the OBC) and was quite disappointed. For the first book it was clear the reviewer didn’t like my genre nor the fact that very few women or girls were in the story. Little was said of the nature of the story. I have found that gaining the services of a reviewer who enjoys your genre is critical. The second Kirkus review was disheartening. The reviewer made comment that indicated to me they did not understand, failed to read, or assumed critical parts of the story. I had to demand a retraction (which was ultimately given). This same book was ultimately the winner in the 2020 Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE) literary fiction book awards contest conferring my trust in the OBC. I will never again seek a Kirkus review.
    I also have received emails from Scott asking if I needed help on several occasions. I occasionally follow him on Facebook and he seems to be an upstanding young man.

  29. Same here.
    I loved the idea of earning from reviews and picked a book. The first service comes free.
    I quickly picked up a small 140-page book hoping this would be a quick read but the book was really difficult and turned out to be biographical memoirs. But the book was interesting and it took me almost 3 weeks to complete reading it and note down points to write a review. And then another 2 weeks to write the review and submit it. Now this 5 weeks because understanding their review guidelines is a mammoth task and your eligibility and future earnings are dependent upon your score as a reviewer !!
    And honestly speaking, i actually spent 5 weeks full-time only on this book.

    And as the author of this article rightly points out that the review team/author will have umpteen reason to keep cutting the score and to make it works it fluctuates based on your activity on the site. And this engagement on site is also not easy to understand.
    So in a way, you may earn some peanuts if you are really active.

    Once the first review is published the reviewer is eligible for paid reviews. In my case, the books that showed up were carrying a tag of max $5. And this goes up as you grow your score ? if i am correct.

    Wondering if it is worth it to pursue another book ? I agree with the author of this article “If you are used to writing reviews for free, then you may be able to make a little extra, eventually”.

    My only hope is to promote my review as a marketing strategy to secure paid work :))

  30. I’m so glad to have come across this forum.
    I’ve only been with OBC for a few weeks and after submitting 3 reviews I’m still on a minus score.
    One of the authors that I reviewed happens to be a personal friend so out of interest I sent my review to him.
    He absolutely loved it and was fuming when I showed him a screenshot of the response to my review from OBC. I think we have to walk on water to get to Level 6.

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