Traditional publishing

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Island of Secrets by Patricia Wilson I can’t help feeling aggrieved when I read books like this. This person has the privilege of an editor and publishing house willing to publish her book, yet it i... Read More

Complex Characters

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While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green Readers who enjoyed Gone Girl will love this book. A slow psychological thriller about what happens when a child goes missing. It is frightening to think how e... Read More


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There is a suggestion in this book that everyone who emigrates to America does so for economic reasons and as such they are happy to leave their home. It is interesting that Eilis meets a relative who... Read More


Like Brave New World this novel deals with different groups (Abegnation, Dauntless, Erudite, Candor & Amity), which contribute to societies functions. Every group has its distinctive motifs, dre... Read More